Residential Hydroseeding

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Hydroseeding is a cost effective and efficient way to establish a lawn in Maine

When you’re trying to establish a new lawn, identifying the area of coverage is important. You want to be sure your property has even coverage, and that it receives the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy grass.

Hydroseeding helps create the ideal environment for establishing a lawn at your home. Once sprayed, you’ll see the green areas where hydroseeding is taking hold. Start establishing a new lawn at your property by contacting Central Maine Hydroseeding today.


Hydroseeding is done by mixing together a number of components in slurry form. Central Maine Hydroseeding combines water with:

  • Grass seed
  • Wood fiber
  • Fertilizer (organic is available)

The mixture is then sprayed on dirt to help create a healthy environment for grass to germinate and grow. Once it’s applied, you’ll need to water the area twice a day. You can also have dirt added to the mixture for an even better growing substrate.

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