Who Handles Erosion Control in Oakland & Augusta, ME?

Central Maine Hydroseeding works with residential and commercial clients

Are you worried about a hillside sliding down onto your property during a big storm? Hydroseeding can help with erosion control to prevent such occurrences. Used for both residential and commercial properties, hydroseeding is combined with a special “glue” to help it stay in place, creating a blanket effect.

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5 effects of soil erosion

5 effects of soil erosion

If your property includes a hill or other area that isn’t covered by grass or vegetation, there are a few things you should know. The effects of soil erosion include:

  1. Poor drainage
  2. Soil compaction
  3. Loss of topsoil
  4. Water pollution
  5. Increased soil acidity

The biggest problem with erosion is not knowing how quickly or how often it might occur. Take control of your property’s stability today by opting for erosion control services from Central Maine Hydroseeding.