Big Jobs Are Our Business in Oakland & Augusta, ME

Choose Hydroseeding for your commercial property

If you need to establish grass on a large plot of land, Central Maine Hydroseeding offers commercial hydroseeding services. As an efficient means of putting down grass seed, commercial hydroseeding is great for:


  • Colleges
  • Office parks
  • Roadway ditches
  • Pipelines
  • Solar Panel Farms

By creating a preferred environment for germination and grass growth, you’ll have a healthy green lawn in no time. Contact Central Maine Hydroseeding today to discuss the needs of your property.


The process of hydroseeding

Our professionally trained team creates a slurry that combines water, seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. Once the green mixture is sprayed on the ground, you’ll be able to see the precise extent of the coverage. There’s no wondering what’s going on under a layer of hay, as there would be if you employed traditional seeding methods.

Hydroseeding creates an ideal growth environment that only requires watering twice a day. You’ll start seeing results in a few days and have a well-established lawn in three to four weeks.

Call 207-465-2250 today to schedule hydroseeding at your Oakland & Augusta, ME area property.