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Hydroseeding is a method of spreading seed that creates an ideal environment for growing a healthy lawn. The sprayed slurry is a combination of water, seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. You won't have to wonder where the grass seed is sprayed; the slurry is highly visible and green. There's no need to put down hay for protection, because the mulch slurry adheres to the soil and the natural contour of the land providing for optimal coverage and stabilization.

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3 Benefits of Hydroseeding


Cost Effective

Hydroseeding a cost efficient effective method of seeding all while providing superior results. Hydroseeding is 50-80% cheaper than the cost of sod, establishes and grows more evenly, has a faster germination rate, and significantly reduces risk of seed washouts when compared to traditional seeding methods.



Hydroseeding is a one-step process that can cover large and hard to reach areas quickly, making it an efficient method of planting grass, foliage, or other plants. This is particularly useful for commercial projects at colleges, office parks, roadway ditches, pipelines, and solar panel farms and more



We offer a range of specialized products which help promote growth and stabilization on challenging sites, we can be customize the mix to suit the specific needs of a project and its specifications. Our seed providers have many seed species available to us, from premium lawn, Maine native wildflower, wetland mixes and more!

Offering Over 20 Years of Experience!

For nearly two decades, the skilled and experienced crew at Central Maine Hydroseeding have been providing erosion control measures and seeding assistance to both residential and commercial properties for our neighbors in the Central Maine area! Our business is an accredited member of the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals, and always continuing to learn the newest techniques and best management practices, using only the highest quality supplies and delivering our customers the best results in the market.

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