Sowing Seeds for the Future of Your Lawn

Residential and commercial hydroseeding services in Oakland, ME

Hydroseeding is a method of putting down grass seed that creates an ideal environment for growing a healthy lawn. The sprayed slurry is a combination of water, seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. You won’t have to wonder where you spread the grass seed, because the slurry is a highly visible green. And there’s no need to put down hay to protect it, because the mixture adheres to the natural contours of the land.

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3 benefits of hydroseeding

While laying sod also results in a healthy lawn, it has its downsides. It’s expensive, cuts the roots of the grass and can create gaps and uneven growth. When compared to sodding, hydroseeding provides a number of advantages, including:

  1. Offering natural germination for strong roots
  2. Providing even distribution
  3. Matching your soil’s characteristics for compatibility

When you’re spending money to establish a healthy lawn, you want to start out on solid footing. You can also benefit from erosion control. Discover the advantages of hydroseeding by contacting Central Maine Hydroseeding today.

Offering more than a decade of professional service

For nearly 12 years, the two-man crew of Central Maine Hydroseeding has been helping seed the residential and commercial properties of our neighbors in the Oakland, ME area. Our family-owned business will soon be certified as a member of the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals.

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